Who we are

Gurukul_India is a humble yet unique endeavour to coalesce the ancient Indian Spiritual wisdom and culture, with modern western values and ethos. The ancient Indian deep wisdom was manifested kaleidoscopically on several levels of human consciousness through Mantras, tenets, stories, mythologies and rituals weaved together as a holistic celebration of life.

We at Gurukul intend to curate and present these spiritual decantations into easily assimilable modern Lingua for the ripe and keen minds of our epoch, explaining each concepts through the lens of modern science and technology.

Our pillars will kinetically revolve around the basics of
  • Yam ( How to inculcate Social discipline)
  • Niyam (Dynamics of Habits)
  • Asanas( yoga postures- awareness in stillness and movements)
  • Pranayam (Science of Conscious Breathing)
  • Aparigrah ( Science of releasing the mind from material possessiveness)
  • Dhyana (Meditative Living)
Gurukul will further amplify it‘s manifestation of this perennial cultural wisdom by ongoing in the deeper layers of ameliorative healing through the philosophy of
  • Ahara – science of food
  • Ayurveda- science of understanding the body and its constituency.
  • Ayushadhi- Holistic medicine
  • Samadhi- healing through meditation
  • science of yogic + tantric lifestyles
  • world of mantras and vibrations.
  • All this with an intent of strengthening the connection between the mind, body & soul of every participant and promoting holistic living and thus healing.

Know our founders


A meditation expert who has profound knowledge of several meditative techniques. He has been imparting his wisdom across the globe on holistic healing of physical, mental, emotional & spiritual well-being.

Ankita Kumari

Born in Eastern India, Ankita is a nourishment expert, deriving her wisdom from the holistic Hindu principles of yoga & Ayurveda. She addresses the realm of wellness through carefully curating the delicate balance between poses and kinetics and taste buds and digestive health making her experiences delicious and delightful.