Gurukul India


Garba 2023

Navratri or 9 Nights is an auspicious festival arising out of deep spiritual and ethereal wisdom of Hinduism. It’s celebrated in the month of September or October depending on the Hindu calander.

The festival celebrates with utmost reverence Shakti or the Divine Feminine/Mother and asks from HER for spiritual cleansing, guidance, and enlightenment. It lasts for nine nights and ten days. The nine nights symbolize a particular quantum of time, and during each quantum a particular aspect of the Divine Mother is meditated upon with a particular spiritual endeavour through aligning the nine Lokas (realms of existence) with our 9 Chakras with subtle yet supremely powerful cosmic vibrations.

Delve into this world of deep meditative wisdom with adeptly curated sessions, specifically ensuring body-mind-soul balance and alignment with the divine and cosmic energies.

Join us online for these 9 days where we will be

  • Meditating
  • Understanding the mythology
  • Aligning our mind body consciousness with the cosmos
  • Balancing/Activating our Chakras
  • Eliminating residues that obstruct our spiritual growth