Tyohar - Celebrate Indian festivals with us
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In the hindu Vedic culture, none of the festivals have a fixed date. All the festivals depend on the lunar calendar and the alignment of the planets and stars in the universe in that particular year. Every festival has a deeper spiritual meaning to it and life lesson to remind ourselves. All festivals have a holistic approach to life bringing body, mind and soul together. Be a part of our celebrations and lets celebrate life!


SHIVRATRI – As the name suggests, Shiva’s night! The most powerful night of the year to meditate and align our energies with that of the universe.
HOLI- FESTIVAL OF COLOURS – celebrated in march to welcome spring and bid adieu to winters, this festival will fill your face and your life in colours. Sounds fun doesn’t it.
GURU PURNIMA- Purnima means full moon. on this day we celebrate the brightest full moon of the year. Another great opportunity to work on ourselves, meditate and overcome our fear, ego and hurdles in the path of our spiritual growth.
KRISHNA JANMASHTAMI – Another powerful night, to work on ourselves in order to reap maximum benefits for our spiritual evolution.

NAVRATRI- Literally translated to nine nights is a deep detox and cleansing of the body and mind dedicated to Goddess Durga for nine days. It is very scientifically related to the nine systems we have in our bodies and the nine chakras and emotions tied with them. We will be conducting an online session everyday during these nine days to help you understand the concepts and beauty behind it both spiritually and physically. You can do this detox from the comfort of your homes. Dedicate nine days to yourself for your physical, emotional and spiritual health. You deserve it!

DIWALI- FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS – Celebrated exactly 20 days after navratri, this festival is a reminder of the light that you are! It has both a cultural and a spiritual significance to it. It is a reminder to keep conquering our demons and to constantly move from darkness to light.