Revisiting the Vedic wisdom

Gurukul was an ancient Santana (Hindu) education system, which imparted Gyana ( a combination of information, knowledge, training, skill development and wisdom) to its pupils.

It’s a combination of two Sanskrit words, ‘Guru’ ( can be crudely but effectively translated as a Mater) and ‘kul’ (family or home). Thus, the word Gurukul means, abode of Gurus. “Gu” denotes darkness while ”Ru” denotes its removal. Hence, any form of consciousness that eradicates or decreases darkness from one’s life, can be addressed as a Guru.

one of the forms of darkness is ignorance. Thus, anyone who dispels the darkness of ignorance and brings oneself closer to light or Gyana, can be addressed as a Guru.


Gurukul India